Vw Up Automatic Review, Specs and Pricing

Starts From-$6160

Vw up automatic

VW up Automatic is a compact city car designed for a practical and efficient means of transportation. With its compact, boxy design, the Up! Automatic meanders effortlessly through city streets and fits easily into tight parking spaces.

How is the reliability of the DSG gearbox offered in VW currently ? 

Current Reliability Status: 

According to the most recent reports, VW/Skoda DSG gearbox dependability has greatly increased. The most recent generations have shown improved durability and performance. Smoother gear changes, better responsiveness, and less clutch-related issues have all been mentioned by customers and reviews. The continuing development of technology and quality assurance procedures have been crucial in increasing the DSG gearbox’s dependability.


The reliability of the VW/Skoda DSG gearbox has significant improvements over the years.When it comes to clutch performance and gear changes, early models had certain flaws, but VW/Skoda has worked hard to address these problems.

Interior and Comfort :

The VW up is small yet well-designed to make the most of the available space. Front passengers will find the interior to have surprisingly spacious head and legroom.

although taller adults may find the back seats to be a little claustrophobic. Despite the usage of certain harsh plastics, the inside materials are of a respectable grade. Longer rides might need extra support, but short to medium-length trips will find the chairs to be pleasant.

Fuel economy :

Excellent fuel economy is a selling point for the VW up which is a benefit for a little city car.

The VW Up! has excellent city driving fuel economy. In city driving, an automatic normally gets 27 to 30 miles per gallon (mpg).

Fuel Economy (Highway Driving): The VW Up! Automatic may get highway fuel economy ratings of 35 to 40 mpg.

Combined Fuel Economy : 

The VW Up! Automatic can deliver an average fuel economy of about 30-35 mpg when taking into account both city and highway driving. This average value provides a general idea  of the vehicle’s effectiveness in a variety of driving scenarios.

Advanced safety features :

In terms of safety components including stability control, anti-lock brakes, airbags, and rear parking sensors. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that more sophisticated driver aid technologies can be restricted or unavailable in older models or cheaper trims.

It’s important to remember that based on the availability of particular safety features may change. It’s wise to check the precise features offered in the specific model and trim level you are considering if advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like frontal collision warning, lane-keeping assist, or adaptive cruise control are essential to you.

Engine performance and Transmission :

This is the automatic version of the VW Up! It is powered by a small but efficient motor. Equipped with a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine, it gives excellent performance in urban driving. It is also equipped with an automatic transmission, enabling smooth gear changes and light driving.

It also provides a balance of power and fuel efficiency. This engine configuration is designed to deliver sufficient performance for urban environments while optimizing fuel consumption.

Infotainment and sound systems :

The touchscreen infotainment system in the VW acts as the main hub for entertainment, connectivity, and navigation. The technology frequently allows for integration with smartphones, enabling seamless integration.

Alternatively, a sound system that provides a good auditory experience. While it might not be able to compete with high-end audio systems, it offers great sound quality so you can listen to your favourite podcasts or music throughout the commute.

Warranty and protection :

Depending on these, the VW’s warranty coverage is as follows:

New Vehicle Limited Warranty : Depending on the exact warranty plan and geographical variances, this coverage can span anywhere between 36,000 and 60,000 miles.

Powertrain Warranty : The powertrain warranty normally covers the majority of the engine’s essential components for a distance of between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

Please be aware that these mileage estimates are approximations and may change depending on the warranty plan, model year, and local regulations. It is advised to refer to the official documentation or get in touch with Volkswagen or accredited dealerships in your area for the most precise and recent information regarding the warranty coverage in miles for the VW.

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