A Vintage BMW E30 Price In Today’s Era.

Most real petrolheads are likely to be familiar with what an M3 is. A mix-mash of alphanumerics that indicate nothing to the average joe but everything to a genuine gear nut. Without the M3, BMW as we know and love it today would not have attained the moniker of “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Proper fanboys are well-versed in the history of this specific sports automobile. (bmw e30 price)

But for those who don’t, the BMW M3, particularly the initial model from generation E30, was a genuine homologation special, unlike the modern marketing stunts. Apart from a few body panels, the E30 M3 has little in common with a 3-series. This highly prized piece of gear represented the pinnacle of BMW motorsport.

bmw e30 price

The E30 M3 has fans of all ages drooling over it like a 9-year-old gazing at ice cream. This engineering wonder, which some would argue was more of a lust than a reputation, was something that BMW has recently forgotten.

Here, we examine the E30 M3, the most renowned and sought-after BMW of them all. A number of models have been sold for amounts between approximately $13,000 to well over $256,000!

BMW E30 M3: An Overview

In the 1990s, Mercedes dominated the DTM (touring car championship), and most German automakers wanted in on the action as it was akin to a national sport. BMW set out to dethrone the Mercedes-Benz 190E, which was a very good vehicle in and of itself owing in part to its renowned Cosworth-sourced engine.

This proved to be a very difficult undertaking, so BMW sought guidance from their Motorsport branch. The two then set out to combine a straight-six from the E28 M5 with the normal E30 3-series chassis. However, the six-pot was quickly discovered to be a hefty unit by designers. As a result, the team chose to use the identical unit but with two cylinders removed. As a result, the now-famous BMW S14 engine was born.

bmw e30 price

The E30 M3 was designed by BMW and the M designers and is significantly better than the regular 3-series. The bonnet, roof panel, sunroof, and inner door panels were the only external body elements that the standard 3 Series and the M3 had in common. The Bavarian marque’s compliance with homologation regulations was another issue.

The DTM required manufacturers to produce 5,000 manufacturing units in order to compete. The marketing department at BMW wasn’t very excited about this possibility and believed it wouldn’t sell. Unexpectedly, the E30 M3 sold like hotcakes and BMW built much more than just 5,000 of them; in fact, 17,970 E30 M3s were sold overall, with 5,300 of those going to the US.

A Vintage BMW E30’s Price Today?

According to Classsic.com, an E30 M3 most recently sold for roughly $57,000. They claim that the going rate for an E30 M3 on the current market is around $60, 756. However, this is dependent on a number of variables, including the mileage, number of owners, and condition of the car. Two exceedingly rare collector-spec M3s that were sold for more over $150,000. If you stumble into any of the BMW-made derivatives, such as the Evolution or Sport Evolution, you’re probably looking at a minimum price of at least $250,000 for it.

It all comes down to the kind of bargain you get. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you may get a good E30 M3 for less than $40,000. Here is a 1988 BMW E30 M3 that is now being auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s. The auction is scheduled on March 24; the ad was posted not long ago.

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